Best 5 Leather Hole Punchers

There are many kinds of instruments for making holes in leather belts, bracers, shoes and others. The problem is that the amount of those tools is enormous and it’s really very hard to choose which of them is worth buying. Those tools must help you to make space for the proper sewing and gluing work.

Top 5 Leather Hole Punch Tools of 2018

Xmifer Hole Punch Tool – the best choice for the crafters

photo of the Xmifer Hole Punch Tool That hole punch tool is a pretty and a modern tool to make holes of different size. Xmifer’s hole puncher is the best for any crafter for few reasons. The first thing is that this instrument is some cheaper than others of its kind. It is also very easy to learn how to use it in right way.

Let’s look what is that tool made of. The tubes of the tool are made of good stainless steel, what is necessary for those tools. The anvil in that instrument is made of brass, so it will not be easy to break it, even if you will be punching with a huge force. Speaking about the strength, that holes punch tool has a special mechanism, which decreases the amount of strength needed to make a hole in a material, no matter if the material is thin or stout.

That adjustment makes that tool not only a great tool for yourself but also a perfect gift for the leathercrafters.
The tool also has different head’s sizes. They are: 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5mm. That’s really good because there are different types of jobs, where you will need all of that little tubes. It also has a coating to protect the metal from rusting and to make it more durable. The mechanism of the tool is made in German technology what proves that the instrument has a great quality, so it costs its money. A steel body of the tool is rather durable. A handle is very comfortable with the non-slip technology. This technology also provides a hand massage to prevent the hand’s numbness, what is very annoying if you are working with the tool for a very long time.

The design of such instruments is made to provide the maximum protection for your hands. The space between the anvil and a tool head is not enough to make any injuries for you. Another aspect is that the tool has the protection for itself. That punch tool will serve you well for years or even for decades. It makes its work perfectly, and you will be very satisfied with using that instrument. So, if you are interested in purchasing that tool, you can visit its page here and see more information about the producer and customer’s reviews.


  • Has great quality;
  • That tool is very flexible;
  • A perfect gift;
  • Easy to learn how to use the tool;
  • Good price;

Diyife Hole Puncher – the most comfortable tool

photo of the Diyife Hole Puncher This tool is also really good like the Xmifer Hole Puncher.

It has a special design because of which that tool deserves to be called the most comfortable.
Let’s take a look at main parts of the tool.

It has many attachments and bonus spare plates which you can use if the first one will break. That instrument set also has a screwdriver and a ruler. So there won’t be any need to buy all of those parts separately. Drilling heads have also standard sized holes like the previous tool. It is a standard for the instruments of the kind like that one. The instrument is also used for punching holes in different kinds of materials like leather, canvas, fabric, and others. The metal body of the instrument is also very durable and tough, so it won’t break whatever happens with it. The tool also provides a good protection for your hands, due to having the same massage mechanism.

The main disadvantage of that tool is that the anvil’s constituents are copper and plastic.
Copper is some softer than the brass, so it can have dents after few months of using it. That’s why this set has bonus punch plates. Another aspect is that the attachments in that set are not very needed. That tool is usually the final instrument to buy, so you must have both a screwdriver and a ruler by the time you get a-holes punching tool. Anyway, that tool is a great one and if you are interested in purchasing it, then you can go here.


  • Very good-looking design;
  • The most comfortable tool of all other;
  • Pretty price;


  • Average quality of separate tool’s parts;

Neiko Hole Puncher – the most qualitative and powerful tool

photo of the Neiko Hole Puncher What can you imagine when talking about the quality? That tool may be called the most qualitative among the others.

But it is also has the biggest price.
The tool can be called a real monster because it is a really good one. Now, let’s understand what is that instrument made of and what is its purpose.

The first thing is that this instrument is really one of the most powerful in the market. That’s all because of its design and improved mechanism of lowering power needed to make a hole. It also allows you to work with very solid materials, like thick leather and others.

It can even make holes through sheet metals up to 16 gauge.
There are different punch sizes what provides that function.

The quality is also one of the main good points of that hole puncher. The corps is made of chrome vanadium steel, what makes that tool unbreakable. There also are ergonomic handlers, which provide the most comfortable usage of the tool. One of the constituents of the tool is the measuring gauge, which helps you to measure everything you need while working with the leather.

That tool is worth your attention. You can find more information about it, its price, and customer’s reviews here.


  • The most qualitative tool;
  • Has a good-looking design;


  • Huge price;
  • Has more power than needed;

Irisfly Hole Punch Toolset – the easiest tool to use

photo of the Irisfly Hole Punch Toolset Irisfly hole punch toolset is the simplest toolsets for making holes. If you are looking for the usual and old tools, then that toolkit is just for you.

That kit consists of 10 cavernous items, which are made of durable, heat treated carbon steel. It means that the edges of those tools are very sharp and they will make holes easily, and their sharpness must serve you for months.

Tools are very comfortable, easy to use and the variety of the sizes of holes is also big.
As you can guess there are 10 different sizes for each tool. They vary from 1 to 10mm, so those tools will provide you a good experience at leatherwork, due to a big variety of possibilities those little guys can give you.

Tools have a pretty and multifunctional design. It is easy and comfortable to hold the tools. With their help, you can cut through the multiple layers of fabric. Furthermore, those tools will save your energy because of their sharpness and form. That’s totally the best and the easiest toolkit for falconry and crafts. So, if you are interested in purchasing the kit, you can see its page here.


  • Very easy to use;
  • Comfortable and pleasant to hold;


  • Needs some skill;
  • The kind of tools like that one is not automatic, what makes the work be done slowly;

Vktech Hole Punching Toolset – a toolkit for the common use

photo of the Vktech Hole Punching Toolset The Vktech hole punching toolset is one of the oldest and the most commonly used toolkits in the world. It has no unique features but it does any work pretty good. Let’s see what is included in the toolkit.

It’s another toolset of four tools. All of the tools differ by the number of the prongs. There are many different variants of using that kit.

All of the instruments are made of stainless steel, so you can be sure that there won’t be any problems with durability of the tools.
A rough surface of tools will prevent the hand’s slipping, what provides a good safety for those instruments. The edges are rather sharp, so there also won’t be any problems with the quality of the holes. Another good feature is that all these tools are good for getting around different corners or hard shapes.

That toolkit will be a good choice for the beginning leatherwork.

They are easy to use but they have limited functionality due to their form and the form of prongs.
But if you are interested in purchasing that tool, you may be sure that they are worth it. More information you can find here.


  • Easy to use;
  • Good for the beginning work;


  • Big price;
  • Average quality of tools;

How to choose a hole punching tool correctly?

First of all, you must check the tools sharpness. If the tools are blunt you must choose another. It is also very important to check tool’s wholeness. Don’t buy suspicious tools because they will surely break. The next step is to choose tools which will be comfortable for you. There are many kinds of handlers like those which can make a light massage etc. The last what you should pay attention to is the price. Not all best tools cost too much. There are many good and qualitative kits and separate tools which are cheap, you only need to look for it.

What is the purpose of the punching tools?

The main purpose of these tools is to make holes for the proper sewing work. Bigger holes are needed for the handlers to go through. But you also must know that a hole must be processed for protecting leather from the future spoiling.

What are bonus tools needed for making good-looking holes in a material?

If the tool is automatic then it is unneeded to buy bonus tools. But other tools need a hammer for making holes. Then you need to get glue, a soldering iron, and a skiving knife. With their help, you must protect the hole from splitting.