5 of the Best Leathercraft Starter Kit

Leathercraft toolkit is a set of tools or even other toolkits created for the leathercraft. There are many types of toolkits for different needs. They vary greatly, so it’s it would be good to see which kit is the most functional, the best for beginners etc. Do you know why it is better to buy all tools as a toolkit? Actually, it is really easy for you because there is any need to bother with picking each tool separately. Furthermore, it is much cheaper. Isn’t this cool?

Top 5 best leather craft starter kit in 2018 review

Best leather working tools starter kit

photo of the Best leather working tools starter kit

What makes that Simpzia’s leather craft kit the best? It simply has everything that is needed for leatherwork. It’s also very important that each tool has a great quality. Let’s take a look at each one in details. First important part of any kit is a couple of knives. Buying Simpzia’s kit you will get a roller cutter, skiving knife, and a skiving tool. As you can see there are many types of knives and they all are needed in the leatherwork. For example, a roller cutter is a perfect instrument for cutting smooth edges and round shapes. A skiving knife will reduce the thickness of the leather what is important when fastening the leather parts in one. A skiving tool is needed for cutting little pieces and fixing small parts. Together with knives, you will also get the tools like an edge creaser, an adjustable stitching groover, an edge beveler, leather stitching spacer, and a wide mouth edge beveler. The beveler is used for shaving down the edges to polish them and make look much better. The groover and spacer are used not only for creating main shapes of items but also for decorating products. Now let’s take a look at a set of threads and needles. The material used for making threads is the best choice for the beginning work. That means that you will learn quickly how to use threads correctly to avoid the unwanted results like the seam divergence. The last thing to take a look at is a punch toolset. There are five different nozzles in the kit for making little holes. With their help, you can make holes of 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, and 4mm diameter. The nozzles are inserted into a special automatic hole punch drill tool made of wood and alloy. The handler of the tool has a pleasant shape, so you won’t feel any pain after using that tool.

The main reason why that kit has the biggest assessment is the ratio of the amount of tools, their quality and price. The Simpzia proved that all of the kits this company makes are worth buying. All items are good and will serve for a long time. If you want to see more about that toolkit, you can find it here.


  • Has many high-quality tools;
  • Can be used for different kinds of work;
  • The kit is rather flexible;
  • The best ratio of tool’s quality and price;
  • Interesting design;
  • Made by a well-known world’s company;
  • Has many positive reviews;


  • A little amount of punching tools;

Best basic leather working tool kit

photo of the Best basic leather working tool kit

Myguru’s leather craft kit is another good choice for the beginners. Do you look for a good kit with a cute stamping set for the beginning work? Here it is. That kit includes different tools like an awl, a hook, a pressure cloth tools, a polish tool and many others. It has a black pressure cloth tool to make little holes, but you may definitely need a better one. That tool will be good for making holes on the same distance but the main problem of that tool is that you can’t regulate the range between holes. A toolset has good instruments for the basic needs for your leather crafts. They are easy and comfortable in use due to the comfortable design of the handlers. That kit will satisfy your beginning crafting needs. But for the better work, that kit must be supplemented with other kits or bonus tools. You must be prepared to buy few additional tools because that toolkit is mostly oriented for stamping, sewing, decorating, and working with prepared leather pieces.

The additional tools are a couple of knives, a scalpel (or a skiving tool), and a special skiving knife. They are needed to cut leather and reduce its thickness if you don’t have prepared leather pieces.

The kit is cheap. It also will give you big profit. Another good point of the kit is that there are not as many items which may be replaced with better ones because they have rather good quality and what’s more, there isn’t any unneeded tool in the set. That kit will be a good present for anyone. If you are interested in ordering that kit, you can find more information here.


  • It also has many good tools;
  • Has pretty low price;
  • It can be a good choice for beginners;
  • A good present for anyone;


  • Needs to be filled with many other tools for the best crafting experience;
  • The tools in a set are usual what makes the quality be some worse;
  • Due to its low cost, the kit has a little amount of tools what causes limited functionality;

Best beginner leatherworking kit

The CactusGoods leather craft kit is some similar to the Myguru’s leather craft kit. It has 30 good quality tools. Half of the instruments of that set are same like in the Myguru’s. But it has some differences. The first one is the price. That kit is more expensive. It has a larger amount of tools but they mustn’t cost so much. And the second difference is that the quality of the tools is slightly worse.

photo of the Best beginner leatherworking kit Let’s take a look at the kits main parts.

The kit includes a set of standard leather craft instruments, scissors, thimble, finger cots, beeswax and 6 thread spoons.

The cots seem to be good but they can start spoiling pretty fast. That’s the only their flaw.

The scissors are looking cool. They are also sharp enough to cut leather material of any thickness.

Standard leather craft tools are a stitching groover, a set of awls, and two cloth pressure tools. The best their advantage is the comfort in use.

As you can see the composition of tools in the set is really good. It may have not all the basic tools needed for the advanced leather work but they will provide the best beginning crafting experience for everyone. Both the 2nd and the 3rd place kits have good polishers. It can be used not only for smoothing leather edges but also for making any tool sharp. Furthermore, the sharpness of the tools will last for a long time. The quality of the tools is not perfect but it is good. The best quality has a pressure cloth tools and a groover. They are very qualitative, they don’t break, and they also have comfortable handler’s form.


  • Has many practical tools;
  • Comfortable in use;


  • Needs many other tools for a good work;
  • The quality of the tools is not the best;
  • The variety of the tools is poor for that price;

Best leatherworking starter kit

photo of the Best leatherworking starter kit Are you advanced crafter who is looking for a complete toolkit? Then this Simpzia’s kit is just for you. It has 30 different tools for cutting, shaping, sewing, and decorating. That kit is awesome for the professionals as it has everything you need to make good looking and qualitative items.

Now let’s see what you will receive in that set.

The main part of that kit which is worth mention is the hole punching toolset. Those tools look pretty awesome and they are rather sharp and durable. Their edges are very sharp at their ends what means that they don’t have to be polished too often. But those tools are old. There are many other modern tools which are easier to use.

The next interesting part of the set is scissors. Those scissors are rather sharp and good. They also have a pretty design. They are made of Japanese steel what means that they are very tough.

Another item made of Japanese steel is a skiving knife. The design of the knife is usual and old-fashioned, so the knife can be some dangerous to use.

All basic tools are pretty and unremarkable what is good for their price. The design of handlers is similar, in order to make their usage more comfortable. They perfectly fit in any hand and it’s a real pleasure to use them anytime.

The last item of the kit is a pair of finger cots. They will perfectly protect your fingers from any cutting damage if you will be using the knife or scissors. The only bad thing about those cots is that they are badly protecting the finger from the needles.

That leatherworking kit is good but it has some problems like the cost and the type of hole punching tools in that kit. But it is really a good choice for the advanced users. If you are one of them, or you want to find more information about the kit you can read more here.


  • Has a hole punching toolset;
  • Has an attractive design;


  • Big price;

Best beginner leatherworking kit

Have you seen the best toolkit for making great-looking products? Here it is. That Caydo’s leathercraft toolset will definitely help you in that. It has the biggest amount of stamping tools among the others.

photo of the Best beginner leatherworking kit Now let’s see what we have here.

First of all, let’s start from the stamping toolset. The kit includes 59 different tools for sewing, stitching, and stamping. Also, that’s the only kit which has a good if not the best basic stamping toolset. The set includes 20 different stamping tools. All they have different shapes and they are really pleasant to work with. All tools have great durability. That’s all because they are made of stainless steel. It also means that all those instruments are protected from rusting.

There are also 5 polishers in the kit. They are really good and each of them will serve you well for a long time. But having 5 polishers in one kit is too much. Their main purpose is to make leather sides smooth. It would be enough only 2 polishers to for that kit what will lower its cost. There also are 2 leather edge wood slicker burnishes with the same functionality.

The next important tool of the kit is an adjustable stitching groover. Its design is usual but the functionality is great. It won’t be a problem for you to change the nozzles in that tool. It’s also easy to work with the tools like that one.

The next part of the kit is a hole punching toolset. There are 4 tools with different amount of prongs on each. Those tools are very flexible. It’s easy to make holes for sewing at the edges of the leather material of any shapes.

For more information about that toolkit, its price, and reviews you can go here.


  • Has the biggest amount and variety of the tools;
  • A great choice for the advanced users;
  • Has multi-oriented functionality;

Buyer’s guide

There may be many questions about the kits. So, I can answer the most common of them.

Are the items in the toolsets durable and qualitative?

– Yes. I’ve chosen all kits with the best quality of the tools. That means that if you want to get good toolset which will serve you much time, then you can easily buy any of the kits from the top.

Are the tools easy to use?

– Yes. You can guess the purpose of most tools by practicing with them.

Where have been the items from the toolsets made?

– The tools are made in China but their quality is rather good.

Will you receive leather material with the toolsets?

– No, the material must be bought separately.