Best 5 Leather Sewing Kits Review

Sewing work is one of the final steps in leathercraft. For the best result, you need good tools. You can find them in sewing kits. The main their requirement is to be complete with all needed tools included. It is important because there are many kits without basic instruments. So, do you want to buy the best kit which will bring you the best crafting experience and quality? Then, you will find the best toolkit here.

Top 5 Leather Sewing Kits


Kit’s nameKit’s fillingQualityDesign
Innocheer Sewing kit 10/10 Great ***** Check Price
Wellehomi Sewing Kit 9/10 High ***** Check Price
ONEST Sewing Kit 7/10 Very high **** Check Price
Simpzia Sewing Kit 8/10 Medium **** Check Price
Deryunny sewing kit 6/10 High **** Check Price

Innocheer Sewing kit – the best complete kit among the best

photo of the Innocheer Sewing kit That sewing kit is very simple but it has everything that is needed for the work.

It is the best choice for the beginners.
This kit is huge. It has almost 100 sewing accessories, so you won’t have any problems with the diversity of tools. Let’s start with the basic tools.

The main basic tools are the collection of thread spools and needles. The threads are looking great. They are colorful, they are many, and also these threads are tough enough to hold the pieces of leather together. There are all kinds of colors needed for you, so you won’t have any troubles if you want to choose the color correctly. Now let’s speak about the needles and scissors. The scissors are made of stainless steel. They are also very sharp and comfortable in use. The needles are rather good and they make their work perfectly. The variety of needles is huge and they are also very sharp. That allows you to use them for working not only with leather or cloth but also with the canvas etc. Together with needles, you will receive pins. They always come in handy, so it is very good to see them included in the toolkit.

The kit also has many bonus tools like a magnet, spare buttons, syringes, nail clipper, measuring tape, nail clipper, tweezers, seam ripper, metal thimbles, fabric pencil, and an easy pull threader. As you can see that toolkit includes everything, even small things which are very useful.

The toolkit is really worth buying and it will provide three main functions like:

  • Fast and qualitative crafting
  • Comfortable usage
  • Cash saving

If you are interested in purchasing that Innocheer’s Sewing kit, then you can visit that page and find more information about the price of the kit and customers reviews.


  • Complete toolkit with a good price;
  • Has many positive reviews;
  • The tools have perfect quality;
  • Good-looking design;
  • The best choice for beginners

Wellehomi Sewing Kit – good choice for the beginning work

photo of the Wellehomi Sewing Kit This kit is really larger than Innocheer’s. It also has all basic tools needed for the craft. Let’s start with the threads. The variety of colors is huge. There are 18 different colored sewing pools. They also have very good quality. The kit also has some instruments which were missed in the previous kit. These instruments are magnifying glass, metal crochet hook, ear pick and a knitting needle. The toolset also has scissors and a measuring tape, a thimble and some other usual instruments which you can see in other kits like that one. The kit is mostly oriented for the starting work because those tools are not so qualitative for making masterpieces.

It is also a very good choice for the fixing work.
Also, these tools are easy to use for the newbies.
But on the other hand, some tools are made of plastic, so the quality of those tools isn’t perfect.

So, there are a couple of functions which will shortly describe the toolkit. They are:

  • Easy learning for the beginners
  • Including whatever needed for the leathercraft

The toolkit is very cheap, so it won’t be a big problem to buy it if you want to have some starting experience in leathercraft. Here you can find more information, the price, and other useful information about the kit.


  • Attractive price;
  • Has many basic tools;
  • Great variety of needles and threads;


  • Half of the tools are made of plastic what is bad;
  • Isn’t so useful for the advanced users;

ONEST Sewing Kit – the best basic toolset

photo of the ONEST Sewing Kit Are you looking for the best basic toolkit with all basic tools inside? Here it is.

The ONEST Sewing Kit has all basic tools needed for the leathercraft.
This kit has much fewer elements than the others, but they are really good. Let’s see what it is included in that kit.

One of the main parts of that kit is the presence of the curved and triangle needles. They are very important in leatherwork. The curved needles look very good here. They let you make a good quality seam due to their round form and relative ease of use. Those needles are also used in surgery. The triangle needles are some harder to work with. If the material is very thin, that needle will make good seams in a short period of time. Let’s move to the threads. They don’t have many colors as any other kit, but those threads are not as usual as you can think. These threads are waxed, what makes them a perfect choice for any leatherworker. A stitching awl is also included in the toolkit. It’s a kind of instruments to make a hole through any type of material. A toolkit also includes a usual stitching awl, which you can buy in any shop. Another tool which looks like the stitching awl is a hook awl. It also helps to make holes. But this awl is some better when removing seams. Scissors are the last tool to speak about. The distance between blades is rather small, so it’s much harder to have injuries using them. It’s also a good protection for making a big incision.

On the other hand, it’s very hard to cut a big piece of leather as it will leave crooked edges.
The toolkit is looking pretty good and it has many functions like:

  • Relative ease of use
  • Fast sewing work
  • Good fitting to the other toolkits

The kit is definitely worth buying but it needs to be filled by other tools. But if you want to have that one, you can click here and find interesting information about the kit.


  • Great quality of threads;
  • Has many types of needles;
  • Includes all basic tools needed for the main sewing work;


  • Has bigger price than other toolkits with more tools;
  • Needs to be filled with many other tools;

Simpzia Sewing Kit – a good choice for the sewing work of any type

photo of the Simpzia Sewing Kit That Simpzia’s sewing kit is a perfect choice not only for the beginning work but also for any other kind of sewing tasks. The kit has good variety of tools. Let’s see what is included in the toolkit.

First of all the kit has all kinds of needles for all of the aspects of your basic work. The toolset includes 7 leather sewing needles. All of them are different and they are used for different purposes. There also are curved needles which are very needed in your leatherwork. Threads are also very good. The kind of waxed thread cord is very important in leathercraft as it provides the best quality of your creations. Due to its wax protection, those threads will serve you well for years. Speaking about the colors of the threads it would be good to say that they are not as many as in other kits but that will be enough for the beginners. Two more basic tools which need to be mentioned are stitching awl and a leather piercing tool. They two will make any hole of any size you need to provide the best fastening for your product. The last two items of the toolset are the sewing metal thimble and a measuring tape.

The kit will help you sew any material.
Furthermore, the connection will stay tough for a very long time thanks to the waxed threads and curved needles. If you made a bad seam then you can easily take the thread out with other tools without spoiling material. If it interested you, then you can visit a page of that toolkit here for more information.


  • Has all basic tools;
  • Good quality;
  • Great quality of threads;


  • Great for starting work but loses its profit for the advanced users;
  • The quality of individual tools is poor;

Deryunny sewing kit – the cheapest kit

photo of the Deryunny sewing kit What is a very important feature of any toolkit? That’s definitely the price. That Deryunny’s sewing kit will be the best purchase for those who don’t want to spend much money. This is the most usual kit to start work with.

It has some of the basic tools and a small assortment of instruments.
The toolkit has a limited amount of tools and some of them should be replaced but still, it is the most economical variant of purchase for everyone. Are you interested what is inside of that toolkit?

Let’s start with the stitching awl. It has an unremarkable design and is a usual awl. But it is very qualitative. A stitching awl is a hand-made tool what looks really pretty. The kit has a standard set of needles. They are good in use and there are all needed types of needles to work with leather. The threads are waxed and they are also very good. That kit also has many positive reviews. With their help it is easy to tell about the main advantages that kit can offer to you:

  • Fast and qualitative sewing and fixing work
  • Coming in handy whenever needed

As the kit is small and the number of tools isn’t also very big the kit can’t be called the best one but it makes its job. Because of this, there are different pros and cons of that kit. For more information, you can go here and see useful information about the price, reviews etc.


  • Very cheap toolkit;
  • The tools are qualitative and good-looking;
  • Good for repairing job;


  • Poor amount of tools;
  • Needs to be filled by other basic tools;
  • Has limited functionality;
  • Doesn’t have a box or a bag for tools;

Why is it important to have waxed threads in a kit?

Waxed threads are keeping the seam for a very long time. They don’t fear water and they are very tough. It is the best choice for everyone who wants to make a good product without fear to spoil it.

How can we determine the functionality of each kit?

The functionality of each kit is determined by a number and type of each tool. If there are many different kinds of needles or awls it means that a kit is very flexible. If a kit is flexible it means that it is good for any kind of work.

What is better: having a cheap basic toolkit or a rich expensive kit?

Both types of kits are good but you must understand that there are different situations where you need a cheap or an expensive kit. Surely it is much better to have a complete kit with all kinds of tools. But what if you don’t have the money or you just don’t need half of the equipment from the kit? Then it is better for you to buy a cheap kit. But still, I think that it is better to buy a rich kit at the start of leatherwork. It will help you to avoid different problems associated with tools.