Best Leather Tool Belts of 2018

There are many problems with which masters in leatherwork are facing every day. One of them is to get the needed tools as fast as it’s possible. For this many people are making different workshops where they are keeping their instruments. But even there those little tools may be lost. Here you will find information about the best way to keep your tools near. Let’s talk about the tool belts.

5 of the Best Leather Tool Belts

CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool belt – the best choice for any master

photo of the CLC Custom Leathercraft Tool belt Are you looking for the best tool belt for anyone but still you don’t know which one fits you? Then this tool belt is especially for you.

Let’s see the structure of the belt. It is made of the durable leather. The borders are straight and well-made. The threads are also tough what provides the best binding. The bag has the main big pocket and few smaller. The big one is made for keeping flat tools. The smaller pockets are for the keeping different small parts.

The pockets have perfect depth what means that it is easy to find any instrument you placed there.
If you are still worrying about not spoiling a bag you can place a wide magnet inside of the bag.

Now let’s talk about the belt itself. It is made of a very tough and durable material. It is really hard to break it. It is also possible to change the length of a belt. The buckle is made of plastic but it is also very qualitative. The mechanism lets you release a buckle quickly. That is very comfortable in use. The size of the belt varies from 29 to 46’’ waist. A great bonus for that tool belt is that it doesn’t need to be upgraded like others. It also has a good price and a pretty design. It doesn’t have any unneeded parts. Furthermore, most of the tools in leathercraft are small, so there is a big requirement for the tool belt’s bags to be compact. There also are different bonus loops for the large tools. The quality of those loops is the best. They can’t be broken without forcing it. So, if you are thinking about purchasing that belt, you can learn more about it here.


  • Very compact;
  • Cheap and qualitative;
  • Has a pretty design;
  • Doesn’t need any upgrades for comfortable usage;

Fasite Multifunction tool belt – the most spacious tool belt among the others

photo of the Fasite Multifunction tool belt The Fasite tool belt is a good, qualitative, and a good-looking tool belt. It will help you to make any product fast. The usage of that belt is also comfortable. The main feature of the belt is 32 pockets available for any kinds of tools.

The belt is rather big with spacious pockets.
The company also makes other types of tool belts. They are PTN013, PTN013F, and PTN015F. Let’s see what is inside of a PTN012A tool belt.

The bags are made of a special material called a 600D polyester. It is a really good material to make any sort of bags for keeping tools. It is not spoiling for a long time what is really good for any item. The bags also have an ergonomic design. Furthermore, a belt is very light, versatile, and strong. You can keep any tools you want in bags.

Now, let’s speak about the tool belt’s functionality. In the description is written that this belt is the best choice for people who work at heights and walk long distances. That means that a tool belt doesn’t cause any discomfort even after hours of use what is perfect. The next thing is that belt’s pockets are very compact and it is easy to get any needed tool from it. It increases the working speed greatly.

The belt is really good and it is really worth your attention. You can find more information about it here.


  • Can contain a huge number of tools;
  • Comfortable in use;


  • Bad pocket’s seams;
  • Can leave little bruises on hips.

AllwaySmart Kids Leather tool belt – the best choice for young crafters

photo of the AllwaySmart Kids Leather tool belt That tool belt is a real multifunctional tool belt. First of all, it is made for children. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be modified for adults. Are you looking for a good tool belt for your child? Or do you need a little and compact tool belt for your own needs? Then this tool belt is yours.

Let’s look at that belt closer. The main feature of the belt is that it is really made for children. But it is made of a good material which is very qualitative. The bag’s pockets are made of leather. The leather is a kind of material which is hard to be penetrated by sharp items. The seams are also perfect.

The double sewing provides the best clamping of the leather pieces.
Leather pieces are also clipped by metal buttons what improves the durability of the bags. The tool belt also has additional loops for keeping hammers or other long tools. Other belts also have those loops but in this belt, they have almost the best quality.

Are you still interested why that tool belt is on the top? That’s all because you can change the belt for a larger one, so there won’t be any troubles to wear this equipment for adults.

Now let’s talk about the cons of that belt.

The main disadvantage of that tool belt is the need to change a belt itself.
The next is that if you even will change a belt it may make some discomfort to you. The main problem of the tool belts is that they can rub your skin even through the cloth. But if you have some cash and you want to have improved equipment then this one is worth buying. You can find more information about the AllwaySmart Kids Leather tool belt here.


  • The most flexible tool belt;
  • Fits both children and adults;
  • Has compact pockets;


  • Needs modifications;
  • May cause little discomfort;
  • Big price;

LeftPro Magnetic Wristband – The best modern tool belt with a special design

photo of the LeftPro Magnetic Wristband That tool keeper is one of the modern inventions. It is wearing not on the waist but on the wrists. It is really new kind of the equipment for keeping different details or tools. It uses a magnet technology for keeping all of the instruments together. The design of the band is usual and its main purpose is to store small details. There are crafters who need special equipment for keeping a few tools. Those tools are also small. Do you need a little and comfortable storage for little tools? That’s a perfect choice for those who are looking for a little instrument’s keeper.

Let’s look what that wristband is made of.

The magnets inside of a tool belt are very strong.
If you try to take a metal tool out of the band, it will seem that a detail is strongly attached to the tool keeper. If you want, you can also use the wristband for keeping different large tools like hammers, scissors, and even axes. The magnet will hold all those tools. But the main purpose of the band is surely keeping different awls, needles, little stamping tools, nail scissors, and metal decoration parts.

The band is made of a good and qualitative material. That means that it also will be rather hard to break the tool keeper. The band is being fixed to your hand by some sort of the sticking cloth tape.

Another good aspect of that band is its price and relative ease in use. The wristband doesn’t rub your skin what is really good in the leather work because you don’t have to distract yourself from your work.

But there are also disadvantages of using that band.

It can be not very comfortable to make something when you have few pounds bonus weight on your hand.
So you will get tired very fast. The second is that a hand will be sweating what is also uncomfortable. The last one is that eventually that wristband is made for little details and tools. That’s why it will be hard to move your hand if you have heavy tools on that band.

But if you are looking something special for storing your small metal parts which can easily be lost, then that equipment is for you. You can find more information about it here.


  • Compact and a very comfortable tool keeper;
  • Good price;
  • Increases the working speed;


  • Can’t storage huge tools;
  • May cause discomfort if it is full;

Dickies Work Gear tool belt – cheap and good choice for everyone

photo of the Dickies Work Gear tool belt That cute tool belt looks like a usual tool belt but still, it is pretty good for usage.

It has a good size of bags and looks good.

Let’s take a look at the bags. They are made of heavy-duty canvas. There are 5 pockets in bags. They are two main large pockets, one webbing tool loop, one plier-type pocket, and two small pockets. Canvas is really good material for keeping sharp and cutting details and tools. You can also find almost similar tool belts like the NoCry tool belt but that one has the best quality among them and the best rating on the market.

The belt itself is standard with a good plastic buckle. The belt is strong and large. So there won’t be any problems with changing its size. You can change the length from 32 to 52 inches.

There also are disadvantages of that tool belt.

The main flaw is the kind seams used for fastening the bag.
Many people complain that they’ve got holes after using that belt for 4-5 days. That’s a big problem for the user. The next is that pockets are very large for keeping tools. If you want to store little details in one of them, it can be problematic. If you watch on the pockets closer, you can notice that sews are not very good. The sharp tools can also cut the angle. That’s the main place where the holes appear.

But anyway, that belt is very cheap. So if you want to have something cheap with a medium quality you can buy that belt here.


  • Comfortable and large tool belt;
  • Very cheap;


  • Bad sewing work;
  • It may be problematic to store little details inside of the bag;

How to pick a good tool belt?

The first thing which is important when choosing a good belt is the material. The best material for belt’s bags is leather or canvas. The next is the quality of seams. The seams must be tough. To check the quality it will be enough to look at them closer. The last thing is the price. If you see that a tool belt looks suspicious then it will be better to choose another one.

What belt is better: with small pockets or with the large pockets?

The best tool belt is a belt with a pretty big amount of pockets. The pockets must be small to contain little parts like needles, threads etc. But if you have large tools like hammers then it is better to get a tool belt with large pockets to contain all of the tools needed for the work.

What are main problems usually faced when working with a tool belt?

The main problem is rubbing the skin by belt itself. To avoid that problem you must change the belt’s length. You can also wear bonus cloth but it may be some uncomfortable for you. The next problem is a bad quality of the tool belt. It is very important to choose a qualitative tool belt because many of them are spoiling after months of usage what is very fast. The last problem is to find a good tool belt with the good price. If you have enough time it is better to look see all possible variants and after that buy a tool keeper which you really like.