Best Leather Stamping Kits of 2018

Stamping kits are needed for decorating the final product. There are many stamping tools with a different design. Because of this, there are many kits oriented for different tasks.

5 Best Leather Stamping Kits

Realeather Stamping Kit – the best choice for the beginners

photo of the Realeather Stamping Kit Realeather stamping kit includes Western style alphabet ¾ inch. This one is the best for the newbies because it is very easy to use and it has incredible quality and durability. Do you want to have cute and modest decorations on your product? That kit is perfect for you. Let’s see closer what does that kit consists of.

This kit includes a holder and all alphabets letters. The letters itself are made in the Western style.

They are made of a stainless steel and also it is impossible to break the tools.
The edges of letters are good for stamping work. Furthermore, their height is perfect what reduces the chance of getting the penetration of material. The design of the kit is simple and practical but still, it looks very attractive. The kit also has a box for keeping tools. That box is small and compact and rather durable as well.

The Realeather stamping kit definitely deserves your attention. This is one of the cheapest kits as well. That’s all due to its simple design. You can be sure that you are buying qualitative tools. You can look for more information about that toolkit here.


  • Great looking and compact tools with a toolbox;
  • The quality of tools is perfect;
  • Relative ease in use;
  • Definitely one the best choice for the starting work;

BIGTEDDY stamping kit – the best kit for pattern making

photo of the BIGTEDDY stamping kit BIGTEDDY stamping kit is a rich kit with 20 tools inside. Have you ever dreamed of making pictures on the leather material? Or have you wanted to combine different styles to make a great decoration? That toolkit is definitely for you. One of the main features of that toolset is that this kit is oriented for the advanced leatherworkers. Now let’s see what we will receive buying that kit.

In the kit, you can find different instruments for leather carving, shaping, etc. All the stamps have their own handler, so you don’t need to change the stamps, but still, they need more place.

The tools are made of a qualitative metal which is very tough.
Now let’s look at the stamps. They have many possibilities. They look great and if you want to make something special, you can find different ways to create a masterpiece. Those tools let you make numerous kinds of signs on the material and they will really help you to create some beautiful stuff. On the other hand, you must have some experience in leatherwork for some time, because in the beginner’s hands those instruments may lose their profit.

As you can understand that kit is more profitable for the advanced users who know about the main ways of leathercraft and decoration.

These tools need more experience than Realeather’s because it is hard to control the depth of the stampings.

After all, that kit is also very good, especially it is a perfect gift. Those tools also guarantee the qualitative result. More information about the price, customer’s reviews you can find here.


  • Great variety of tools;
  • Good quality;
  • A perfect gift to any leathercrafter;
  • The best choice for making patterns;


  • Doesn’t have any box;
  • Hard to be controlled;

Realeather Indian stamping toolkit

photo of the Realeather Indian stamping toolkit The Realeather Indian stamping toolkit is a good toolkit produced by the Realeather’s company. Indian lore is very interesting and easy to understand. But it also has a deep sense. Those tools in toolkit really define the crafter as an artist. Do you think that you can make a great looking picture or a life story using that kit? Then, you must be interested in purchasing one. Let’s see what is that kit filled with. Like the first kit from the list, that one has a handler and removable stamps. Because of that, it is easier to manipulate the tools.

It is also more compact, and comfortable to use, what makes this instrument be a good one.
Realeather Indian stamping kit also has a good price and quality ratio, as it is rather cheap. It has 8 stamps. The stamps are looking great but they are small. The quality of tools is good but it could be better. There also is a cute box where all tools are kept.

The Realeather Indian stamping kit is a good choice for the starting work but it can quickly become boring.
But after all, that kit is also as good as others because its functionality is big. If you are interested in purchasing that kit you can go here.


  • Good for starting work;
  • Easy to use;


  • Small stamps;
  • Average quality;

Springfield stamping toolkit – the best choice for usual work

photo of the Springfield stamping toolkit That stamping toolkit is a modern toolkit with comfortable tools made for interesting and casual crafting.

The only bad aspect of that kit is its price.
But firstly, let’s see what is included in the toolset of that company.

This kit consists of a good handler and stamps. The letters are made in a usual style of .5 inch alphabet.

They are easy to use and the form of the letters lets you use them in many different projects.
But they also can leave square pits near the letters. That’s all because of the force needed for the perfect stamping. You must learn how to achieve a wanted result for some time. That’s why that kit may be also called the kit for the advanced users. The handler is very comfortable. It is a real pleasure to work using that handler. It is very qualitative what makes it serve you for a very long time.

The main idea of the kit was to fill it with good tools with a pleasant price but the quality requires to be paid. That’s why that kit may be called one of the most expensive. Still, it is a good present for the leathercrafters. If you want to get one of those kits you can find it here.


  • Comfortable in use;
  • Can be used in many ways;


  • Huge price;
  • Average quality of stamps;
  • Needs much skill to be used in the correct way;

Vector Number & Capital Letter Punch Set – the best heavy duty set

photo of the Vector Number & Capital Letter Punch Set Vector Number & Capital Letter Punch Set is a set of heavy tools made to be the best choice for the advanced users who want to make good-looking decorations on thick materials. Are you working with very tough leather but still you can’t do any good decorations? Then look at this toolkit. It is the best choice for you. Now, let’s see what is included in that toolkit.

This set includes 36 different tools. Each item is a kernel with the stamp on its end.

All stamps are packed in a compact box, which won’t take much place in your workshop.
One of the main features of the kit is that this kit is made of Chrome Vanadium steel. It means that it will be pretty hard to break those tools. Furthermore, they won’t rust over time even in the humid workshop. Another good aspect of that kit is its value for money. The tools cost not much and you can be sure that you will get a qualitative toolkit for the good price.

Let’s look at tools in details. There are 36 different stamps in the kit. They are heavy and tough. There are stamps as all Latin letters and numbers from 0 to 9. Now let’s look at the practical use of the tools.

First of all, those instruments are some hard to use, because of their weight and form.
That’s why a toolkit may be called a toolkit for the advanced users. It is hard to find an ideal balance between needed decoration’s depth and the striking force. Sharp corners are causing discomfort in fingers. But you can use gloves to prevent all that problems.

That kit is surely good when working with hard materials. So, it is totally a good purchase. If you are interested to buy that kit, you can find more information about the price and customer’s reviews here.


  • The best toolkit for working with thick leather;
  • Great quality of tools;
  • Very pleasant price;


  • Hard to use, especially for newbies;
  • If a tool starts spoiling it may cause little injuries;
  • The form of stamps is square what is uncomfortable;

What aspects shall I pay attention to when choosing the toolkit?

The first and the main aspect is the quality of metal and total quality of tools in the kit. If you see that a toolkit has scratches or flexures then you must look for another set because that one is bad. The second aspect is the design of tools. If tools are uncomfortable for you, or if you understand that they have other problems try to find better tools. It is important for tools to fit your hands because that directly influences the quality of work. The last aspect is the price. There may be two same toolkits with a different price but with the same quality and number of tools. You must understand that those toolkits are really identical and it will be better to buy the cheaper one.

What is needed for the best experience in stamping work?

The first question which appears in a head of each crafter is: How to use that tool? How do I make that?

So, if you want to learn how to make good decorations then all you need to do is to get a stamping tool and find much free time for practice. First tries may be unsuccessful but you must keep trying again and again. Each toolkit has its own force needed for making a stamp without soiling the material. You must find it and only after that you can make anything you want.

What is the best metal to use for making stamping tools?

The best metal of which all tools must be made is surely steel. But steel can start rusting over time. That’s why most of the tools are made of steel with impurities like the stainless steel or vanadium steel.

How to make a good-looking stamp?

There are many ways to make good-looking decorations. For example, you can make a stamp using any stamping tool and after that fill it with colorful glue or paint. It looks great and furthermore, it will protect the stamp from the future spoiling.

How to avoid tool’s spoiling?

The best way to avoid breaking of tools is to keep them in a dry place. The first reason is that some handlers are made of wood, so it is important to keep it not in humid place. The next reason is that some stamps may be made of bad metal which fears water.