Best Leather Cutting Tools Review

One of the main tools for the leatherworker is a leather cutting knife. You can face different kinds of knives with different shapes, handler’s forms, and many others. The purpose of these knives also varies greatly. Each tool has its own characteristic. But it will be easy to understand which one has the biggest functionality because leathercrafters usually use only two types of the knives. The first one slightly reminds a scalpel. The second type is a roller type of knives. It is some easier to use, but it has some less functionality in comparison with the first type.

5 Best Leather Cutting Tools in 2018

The most qualitative cutting knife

photo of the The most qualitative cutting knife Do you know how must look the best leather cutting knife? It must be very comfortable, cheap, sharp, and durable. It also may be compact for cutting small parts of the material. What’s more, it must be easy to use and fit perfectly to any type of leather. The best solution of this is a knife which can change the length of a blade. As you can see all that describes that Leathercraft precision knife.

A knife is made in the USA. It is a small and comfortable tool with wooden and metal handle. It also has eleven spared blades, so don’t worry if one of your blades will break. This knife is a very simple instrument, but it has many unique functions. It is a perfect tool for the leatherwork. It is the best choice for everyone. That one is much better than others, because of its durability, quality, and sharpness, so blades don’t blunt over time. This knife is cutting even thin metal! If you are running out of blades you can buy additional ones in any shop. Don’t be afraid that you may accidentally cut yourself because the handler has roughness at its end to keep your fingers undamaged. One more thing about the blades is that they don’t rust if you don’t use them. Furthermore, all the blades should be kept in a special cap which you receive with a purchase. There they won’t harm anyone and will keep safe. This knife will be perfect for everyone. It will help to make real masterpieces.


  • Price is really good;
  • Quality of a tool is great;
  • Has many positive reviews;
  • Has everything to protect a user from taking any damage;
  • Has many additional blades;
  • Pleasant design;

The most flexible leathercraft cutting knife for the advanced users

photo of the The most flexible leathercraft cutting knife for the advanced users Are you an advanced user who needs a multi-functional tool? This knife is the best solution for a big part of masters. It’s also a nice choice for a skilled person, who knows how to work with the leather and how to use it with maximum profit. One of the best aspects of that tool is the quality. The knife is made in Japan. It means that the quality of the blade is great. It’s flexible enough to bring you a wanted result. The handler is made of a durable kind of trees. So it will serve you well for years. It is also a big pleasure to hold it in hands as it doesn’t make any discomfort. That knife is multi-functional. That means that you may not only cut the leather with it. You can also smooth leather edges and reduce their thickness. On the other hand, if you want to cut small pieces of the material you will need to change the blade. But anyway, this is a great choice for the leathercrafters because it may satisfy all your crafting needs.

If you want to learn some more or to watch customers reviews you can go here.


  • Good price;
  • Great quality;
  • Multi-functionality;


  • The form of a blade is some too wide as for a cutting knife;
  • Hard to use for cutting small details;

The most comfortable leather craft knife

photo of the The most comfortable leather craft knife That knife is one of the modern knives. Rotary type of knives will help you to make big orders like jackets and bags. Because of the round blade’s shape, they are cutting leather good and fast, the quality of the cutting is awesome as well. Do you need a great tool for cutting big shapes and making pretty edges? Then it is definitely your choice. This knife looks great. One of the advantages of that tool is its long lifetime. In other words, this blade will serve you for a long time before it starts blunting. The approximate lifetime of the blade is two-three months. After that, you have to change the 45mm blade, which can be bought in any tool shop. The blade consists of the high-grade steel which is very easy to work with. There also are different variants of blade’s edges. That means that you can choose one with straight edges to cut the basic shapes. You can also use another one to cut pieces with the edges in the form of waves. The handler is made of good to fit any hand’s size. One more good aspect of that knife is a special hand protection. It will keep your toes from the rubbing. This form also provides improved control, so you won’t have any troubles controlling this knife. The instrument also has a sliding button, which fixes the blade and provides safe usage. When cutting leather the blade doesn’t make any waves and it isn’t stopped by the material. Using this knife you will totally be pleased by its functionality and convenience. Now let’s speak about the cons of that knife. It has only one flaw. The knife is hard to be controlled if you are working with leather for the first time. This blade will be profitable only if you know what you are doing and if you are using it in a right way.


  • Good compatibility with different blades of other companies;
  • Good quality of the blade and a handler;
  • Great functionality;
  • Pretty design;
  • Good price;


  • Hard to be controlled for the first time;
  • The blade’s length can’t be reduced;
  • Hard to cut small pieces;
  • Hard in maintenance;

Multifunctional leathercraft cutting tool

photo of the Multifunctional leathercraft cutting tool Rotary cutters may be hard to use especially if you are a left-handed user. Does it worry you? Are you looking for the tool which is made for you? Powstro’s Rotary Cutter may solve all problems. The main feature of that knife is that it is made not only for right-hand but also for the left-hand using, what makes this tool great in use. It also has some different design, not like the Fiskar’s knife. Its bottom is protected, so you don’t have to worry about getting any injuries while working with that instrument. Another feature is that the blade is made of tungsten. This 45-mm blade can cut everything, starting from paper and ending with thin metals. Furthermore, it will cut everything very fast through multiple layers. From the first look you can understand that the knife is qualitative, and definitely is useful for leatherworking. Most of the customers tell that this one is the best blade for using because of its comfort. Another great aspect of this tool is the presence of 5 bonus blades, so you don’t need to buy them separately. The tool also has a one year warranty. The company will return money if the tool you get will have bad quality. Or you can get another tool but without any mechanical defects. The only flaw of the tool is that a knife is blunting pretty fast.


  • Great quality of the tool;
  • Pretty price;
  • Comfortable in use for left- and right-handed people;
  • Has a warranty;


  • Blades blunt pretty fast;
  • Some users tell that the tool doesn’t hold the angle;
  • The blades are sharp but they can easily break, so it is needed to buy additional blades;

Best leathercraft round knife

photo of the Best leathercraft round knife That round knife is a real choice of masters. The kind of knives like that one must be used with certain skills. The blade has a crescent form, so it is some complicated to be controlled. But the eventual result is great. The main purpose of that knife is to cut good-looking shapes in different ways. Beginners also may learn how to work with that item. It is a really great experience for everyone. Now let’s speak about the construction of the blade. It has a specific design and sharp edge corners what summary makes it not so good to be the best one for newbies. You must work with that tool very carefully because you can easily injure yourself. It has no hand protection, so it can be very easy to harm yourself. Because of all that this knife needs much skill. It also has unlimited ways to be used. This is because of its blade’s form. It allows you to cut any shape of any size. The blade goes through the material for a long time without stopping. It is also easy to smooth the edges of the material in order to reduce the thickness of the leather. It provides the best quality for the future gluing and sewing. There are also different reviews on the products site. For more information, you can go here. There you will also find customer’s reviews on that tool and the suggestions for the newbies.


  • Greatest functionality;
  • Good quality;
  • Comfortable in use;
  • Interesting at work;


  • Very expensive;
  • Needs much skill;
  • The quality of individual items is bad;

What kind of knives to choose for the beginning work?

There are two main ways to learn how to cut material correctly. The first one is to buy a usual knife and learn how to cut out pieces using standard blueprints and techniques. The next one is to buy a multi-functional knife and try to study advanced blueprints. It will take more time but the result will be better.

What knife has the best quality?

All knives have good quality but the best ones usually have the blades produced by the Fiskar’s company. Their products also have the longest lifetime.

Some knives are called multi-functional. What does it mean?

It means that using the multi-functional knife you can cut leather material, smooth it, and make straight edges. Many knives can’t have all those functions because of their design. All blueprints require different techniques of leathercraft, so it is good to get a knife which can make everything that is needed.

What are the differences of the type of steel?

If the blade is made of the qualitative metal alloy like stainless steel it means that a blade will serve for a long time. It also won’t start rusting over time. One more important aspect is a so-called Japanese style of blade making. It means that a blade won’t blunt so fast. Damascus steel is another example of a very qualitative manufacturing technique.