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Top 26 Recommended Leather Work Tools and what they are used for.

So I listed out the top 26 Tools for leather work/crafting. This will cover nearly every tool you would need to get in to leather work/crafting.

Cutting Mat
A cutting mat is a measurement tool used for sewing and crafts projects, but mainly to prevent the surface your working on not to get messed up.

Thread Snippers
Thread snips are small pairs of scissors that are specifically used for trimming off any excess thread in your material.

Diamond Awls
Diamond Awls are used for widening holes to help you stitch.
Pricking Irons
Pricking Irons are struck with a mallet to mark the position and inclination of stitches ready for hand sewing.

Wing Dividers
Wing Dividers are ideal to plot and measure curves and set screw locks in position.

Turbo Lighter
A standard lighter but a turbo lighter that can be purchased from nearly any shop

Parallel Pliers

Rubber Hammer
A Rubber Hammer is tipically used to keep punches and setters in good shape.

Thread Burner
Thread Burners are used to melt the last stitch after backtacking.

Bone Folder
A Bone Folder is a dull-edged tool used to fold and crease leather.

This tool is ideal for gouging fold lines, stitch lines and more.

Skiving tool

Roughing tool
A single-point cutting tool having a sharp or small-radius nose, used for deep cuts and rapid material removal from the workpiece.

Edge Bevelers
Used to bevel and round off edges of leather. Comes in different sizes, the bigger the size, the wider the bevel.


Used to cut a small channel out of the leather, so that the stitching no longer sticks up from the leather and therefore receives less friction in daily use.

Strap Cutter
Tool used to cut strips.

Strap Templates

Edge Burnisher
The edge burnisher melts fibers on the edge of the leather together, creating a slick surface that won't fray.

Hole Punches
Hole Punches are used to make holes in the leather. They come in different sizes depending on what size you need the hole to be.

Scratch Awl
A tool that can be used to mark a point or to scribe a line on the leather.

Heavy Knives

Light Knives

This tool is used to measure and scribe straight lines.

Poly Board
A board that can be used to work on, to protect the surface of the table you're working on.

Lacing-Stitching Pony
A tool used to hold the item firmly in place so you can use both hands for lacing or sewing.

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