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Full Version: Announcement #1 Looking For People To Help LeatherCrafting.org
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We personally welcome you to Leather Crafting and thank you for taking your time to visit us!

With Leather Crafting not long to open up we are looking for people to help Leather Crafting to prosper!

Here are the following people we are looking for:

Global Moderators 
Global Moderator will help manage the forums basically be the Admins right hand man. The Global Moderators will help manage the forums and basically look after it along with Moderating the Moderators. 

Moderators will help manage the forums basically be the Global Moderators right hand man helping to mange the forums.

Content Writers
 Leather Crafting is currently looking for people that are leather workers or can do research on the topic leather work and keep the blog update with useful content.

If you would like to take this position please contact me here

Lastly I would like to say hope you all had a lovely Christmas and brilliant New Year!